Oct 10, 2011

Holiday Gift Preparations Begin

Dad's gift from last season.

Yes, I know ... it's not even Halloween yet and I'm already stressing about THE holidays? Well ... if you take into account that I make all my gifts, I'm way behind schedule.

Everyone in my family always loves my one of a kind, handmade presents and I love giving them. Some people like to say "You make your gifts? That's great, it must save you some money." but that isn't really the case. I have high standards so the supplies are usually top quality and it adds up when you are talking about a 6 - 12 person group. It would help if I made the same thing for every one but there are not many things that will appeal to my teenage sisters as well as parents, uncle and friends. Not only does the cost add up but the time does as well. Add into the equation that I tend to spend more time on a family member's gift than I would on an item for sale and that I get weirdly obsessive about gift wrapping and you will see that I should have started in July.

So let the planning begin. The list :

Sister (29)
Sister (18)
Sister (16)
Best Friend

That is the list of people I will be seeing in person during the holidays. This next list is family out of town that I don't always exchange gifts with. So I call it the bonus list.

Brother (32)
Brother (23)

Then there is my boyfriend and 14 month old son but my boyfriend hates "mandatory gift days" and my son is too young to care. He would rather play with the wrapping paper anyway.

What am I going to make this year? I have some fuzzy ideas about sewing and embroidering scarves, making cuff links and tie tacks as well as the ever present jewelry from Rain Jewelry. That's as far as I've gotten so far.

More to come as plans flesh out. Thanks for joining me.



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