Sep 26, 2011

Custom Jewelry - Dog Tags

  In this first design walk through, I'll go through the process from beginning to end because it's the first here in this blog. In the future I'll post each step as it happens.

My most recent custom order was for two sets of dog tag style necklaces. The intent was to coordinate with a previous order for a silver heart with a black cz made to commemorate a beloved pet.

This was the first commission. A fine silver, hammered, "Puffy Heart" with a large black cz and a Thai black sterling silver chain.

This is the sketch she sent me with her thoughts on the matching dog tag necklaces.
I then sent her a sketch of my own detailing some design possibilities.


She chose the top option for stone placement and I got started.

I sculpt my fine silver pieces using precious metal clay or pmc. This gives me a chance to show the customer the piece and allowing for critiques before firing it into the final 99.9% silver.

In this case, she wasn't fond of the setting style I used on the stones so ...

           I remade the setting so that they were more
in line with the original heart necklace and had a manlier look.


Next, the pieces got fired to burn off the binding agent in the raw metal clay and turn the tags into pure silver.
One of the black cz lost it's color in the firing process and had to get reset.

One new stone, an oxidation process to add shading, two black sterling ball chains later and ... Ta Da!

Another happy customer.
She has promised photos of all three necklaces being worn. I will post them when they arrive.

Thanks for joining me,


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